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Brahmastra Box Office Collection Ranbir Kapoor Alia Bhatt Movie Will Beat Salman Khan Akshay Kumar Super Hit Movie

The record set by “Kashmir Files” will be surpassed by “Brahmastra” earnings increase on Friday.

Brahmastra’s box office receipts have increased significantly. This movie will outperform “Sooryavanshi” in terms of box office revenue until Sunday. However, it has the potential to surpass “The Kashmir Files” records in the future.

While “Brahmastra box office collections have been declining by 15-20% per day since Monday, they recovered by 15% on Friday, the eighth day. This is excellent news for the movie starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt since it means that “Brahmastra: Part 1- Shiva” can once more bring in big bucks on Saturday and Sunday during its second weekend. The overall revenue for this movie, which was directed by Ayan Mukerji, has increased to Rs 180.64 crore nationwide in just 8 days, while the total revenue for the Hindi version has now increased to Rs 164.50 crore.

Brahmastra Box Office Collection

On its first Friday on Opening Day, “Brahmastra” brought in Rs 36.42 crore across the nation. While the Hindi version brought in Rs 32 crore on the first day of release. On Friday, the eighth day, the movie, which made over 100 crore rupees in its first three days of release, brought in Rs 10.53 crore nationwide. Only the Hindi version of this has made about Rs 9.75 crore. Over the course of the week, from Monday to Thursday, the movie’s earnings consistently decreased. However, given Friday’s earnings growth, there is a likelihood that “Brahmastra” may perform well at the box office. Additionally, the movie will surpass the lifetime revenues of Akshay Kumar’s “Sooryavanshi” by the weekend.

Brahmastra box office collections

The second weekend will bring in 42–45 crores for “Brahmastra”.

The lavish Rs 410 crore budget for “Brahmastra,” starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, was successfully finished. The Telugu version of the movie saw a boost in sales on Friday. In Andhra Pradesh and the Nizam circuit, it has performed well. Even today, multiplexes and 3D editions still account for the majority of the movie’s revenue. While Friday’s box office revenues in single-screen theatres also rose. Market analysts predict that “Brahmastra” will easily earn between Rs 42 and Rs 45 crore on Saturday and Sunday combined. In this manner, the movie’s total revenue in its final 10 days, which ends on Sunday, would be Rs 222 crore and Rs 206 crore in Hindi. After the Corona pandemic, the movie “Sooryavanshi” made Rs. 195 crore at the box office.

To be successful, the movie will need to bring in at least close to Rs 500 crore. However, given how quickly the movie is developing, this is not currently viable. When it comes to the highest-grossing Hindi movie in 2022, “Bhool Bhulaiya 2” made Rs 185 crore in revenue. In contrast, “The Kashmir Files” brought in Rs 252.90 crore. So it will be interesting to see if the Hindi version of “Brahmastra” will defeat “The Kashmir Files”?

Brahmastra Box Office Collection in India (from Hindi Version)

Budget of Brahmastra 410 करोड़

  • First day Friday 32 crores
  • Day 2 Saturday Rs 38 crore
  • Day 3 Sunday Rs 41.5 crore
  • Day 4 Monday Rs 14 crore
  • 5th day Tuesday Rs 11.25 crore
  • 6th day Wednesday Rs 9.50 crore
  • 7th day Thursday Rs 8.50 crore
  • 8th day Friday Rs 9.75 crore
  • 9th day Saturday Rs 14.00 crore
  • 10th day Sunday Rs 15.50 crore
  • 11th day Monday 04.50 crores
  • 12th day Tuesday Rs 03.50 crore
  • 13th day Wednesday 03.40 crores
  • 14th day Thursday Rs 03.18 crore
  • 15th day Friday Rs 10.07 crore
  • Day 16 Saturday Rs 5.95 crore
  • 17th day Sunday 6.22 crores
  • Day 18 Monday Rs 1.85 crore
  • 19th day Tuesday Rs 1.65 crore
  • 20th day Wednesday Rs 1.50 crore
  • 21st day Thursday Rs 1.35 crore
  • 22nd day Friday Rs 0.56 lakh

231.59 crore in total Hindi language

The plot of “Brahmastra” is being lauded for its visual effects;

The audience’s response to “Brahmastra” is conflicted. The dialogue in the movie is disliked by the audience, despite the terrible writing. But critics have called this movie a visual pleasure. In addition to spending a lot of money on VFX, the film also has a Hollywood brawl. The character of Shiva serves as the central focus of the movie’s plot. The saints of the Puranic era wrote the “Brahmastra.” It is a powerful weapon with three components. Dev hopes to obtain the Brahmastra through his irrational devotion (Mouni Roy). The group of brahmanshas who guard the three components of “Brahmastra” do not, however, want this to occur. Shiva, played by Ranbir Kapoor, is a holy being. It is a weapon of fire. Shiva joins Brahmansha when he realizes this. In the movie, Amitabh Bachchan plays Brahmansh’s teacher. Isha, played by Alia Bhatt, is Shiva’s girlfriend in the film.

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