Britain's first Indian Prime Minister

Britain’s new Prime Minister is an Indian ( Rishi Sunak)

Britain’s first Indian Prime Minister

There was a time when the Hindu community in the United Kingdom was regarded as nothing more than a migrant. However, the generation of those migrants is now dominant in the United Kingdom. Today, Rishi Sunak is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and he proudly describes himself as a Hindu. Hindus are now Britain’s second-richest community. In Britain, Hindus are seen as intelligent, wealthy, and well-behaved.

Rishi Sunak, Britain’s new prime minister, is a proud Hindu who remains true to his roots. Not only the sages but also the rest of the migrant Hindus living in Britain, are thriving. Hindus in the United Kingdom are regarded as intelligent, wealthy, and well-behaved. The prestigious British newspaper ‘The Sunday Times reported on this. Preet Patel, 34, a British Hindu, says that being a British Hindu is a source of pride today. On Diwali, a large number of Indians gathered in various temples throughout Britain. Along with Diwali, Rishi Sunak’s election as Prime Minister was a joyous occasion.

Rishi Sunak becoming Prime Minister in Britain is like a victory for many Hindus. But in reality, what is the condition of Hindus in Britain? About 983,000 Hindus live in England. Looking at the cemetery of London, it seems that Hindus have been coming here for the last 500 years. After the bloody partition of India, 1947 saw the most significant wave of Hindu migrants. This was also the impetus to overcome the labor shortage in Britain after the Second World War. Enoch Powell, the anti-migration in Britain, recruited Indian health workers while being the health, Minister.

When did Hindus come to Britain?

When Idi Amin drove Asians out of Uganda in the 1970s, a large number of Hindus fled to Britain for the second time. Then approximately 27,000 Hindus arrived in Britain. When immigration laws were relaxed in the 1990s, the third wave of Hindu migrants arrived. The parents of Priyesh Patel, a 27-year-old Ph.D. student from East Africa and India, believe that the migration situation has an impact on Hindu culture in the United Kingdom. “Focus on your family, your education, and your career so that if times change, as they have in East Africa,” he advises.

Hindus, like the majority of religious and ethnic minorities, live in or near major cities. London is home to 47 percent of British Hindus, who account for 5 percent of the capital’s population. Around cities like Leicester, the East Midlands is home to 10% of Britain’s Hindus. In the last 50 years, Hindus have spread throughout the United Kingdom. ‘It has been seen to have a general effect on the previous generation,’ says Sundar Katwala, founder of the British Future think tank. We will see that there is some variation everywhere in the next census.’ He believes that the immigrant population will be visible in the suburbs in two or three generations.

Britain's first Indian Prime Minister
Britain’s first Indian Prime Minister

Hindus are the second richest people in Britain

Initially, Indian diaspora Hindus who went to Britain were underpaid. They were employed as unskilled laborers. Many of these people start their own businesses to avoid low pay and workplace discrimination. Hindus are now the richest community in the United Kingdom. Hindus in London have a net worth of more than Rs 2.5 crore, according to a 2012 report. The Jewish community in Britain is the richest. After Jews and Christians, Hindus have the third lowest poverty rate. Hindus in Britain earn the highest hourly rate, averaging Rs 1,300, after the Jewish community.

Preet claims that our children see us working hard all hours of the day and night. I tell my children we’re working so you don’t have to. Many Hindus believe that we are working solely to ensure that our children do not work in a shop and instead have a big dream of becoming Prime Minister. According to the most recent census, 15.4% of British Indians, nearly 50% of whom are Hindus, hold professional and high-level management positions, the highest of any group. More than 40% of British Hindus worked in ‘high-skilled jobs’ in 2018. In this case, Jews are ranked first, followed by Sikhs.

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