Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan Movie Adipurush Courted Controversy

Since its web teaser was released, the Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan movie “Adipurush” has received more criticism than praise. The movie has only courted controversy, with claims of distortion, “Islamization of the Ramayana,” and inadequate VFX.

Prabhas and Kriti Sanon, as well as director Om Raut, were warned to cut contentious parts from the movie “Adipurush” by the Sarva Brahmin Mahasabha. They claimed in their legal notice that the Hindu deities are depicted in a very “distorted form” and are speaking in “an obscene manner.” “The Ramayana, Maa Sita, and Lord Hanuman are completely Islamized in this movie. Even Saif Ali Khan, who plays Ravana in the Adipurush film, shares Taimur and Khilji’s appearance. By stirring up religious sentiments in the nation, the movie will create animosity toward a specific class. The letter stated that this photo was obtaining a lot of Internet exposure, which was extremely harmful to our culture and country.

Stealing the poster design used by Prabhas

A simple “Adipurush” poster sparked many controversies. Many social media users have noted that the Prabhas poster had been lifted from an animation studio by the film’s creators. A comparison was made between the “Adipurush” poster’s depiction of Prabhas holding a bow and arrow and the Lord Shiva artwork by Vaanar Sena Studios. The studio had re-shared the collage on social media while acknowledging the same and requesting credit.


The movie “Adipurush” received a lot of trolling on social media as viewers criticized the VFX. Internet users linked the movie to “Temple Run,” “Chota Bheem,” and other animated entertainment after making memes off of the teaser. It’s interesting to note that Ajay Devgn’s firm, NY VFXwala, had to clarify that they did not do the animation for “Adipurush” in the statement.

Some social groups have criticized Adipurush, claiming that the movie doesn’t adequately reflect the Ramayana based on the preview. Politicians have expressed displeasure with the appearance of some deities, and the top priest of the Ayodhya Ram Temple has called for a ban on the movie. While Sunil Lahri suggested that people wait to form opinions until seeing the movie, Dipika Chikhlia stated that she did not link the Ramayan with a high-budget CGI spectacle. He added that Hindus will not tolerate the movie if it offends their sensibilities.


Is Adipurush based on Ramayana?

  • The upcoming Indian Hindu mythology film Adipurush is based on the epic Ramayana.
  • Adipurush is one of the most costly Indian movies ever made, with a budget of 500 crores (US$63 million).
  • The teaser of the film was unveiled on October 2, 2022, in honor of Gandhi Jayanti.
  • The teaser gained 69 million views and 1 million likes within 24 hours of its release and became the 2nd most viewed Indian film teaser after K.G.F: Chapter 2.
  • The teaser’s CGI and (VFX) visual effects received harsh criticism.
  • Adipurush is slated for theatrical release in Hindi and Telugu on January 12, 2023, as well as dubbed versions in Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.
  • Om Raut is the director, and T-Series Films and Retrophiles are the producers. The Hindi and Telugu versions of the film, which stars Prabhas as Raghava, Kriti Sanon as Janaki, and Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh, were both in production at the same time.
  • Hold on, there’s only a Tralor movie on the way.

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