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The iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 both have the same design, however the iPhone 14 Plus is a new 6.7-inch device

You now have "large or bigger," as Apple puts it. In a way, this streamlines the product line by offering us a pair of entry-level and a pair of high-end phones that are both offered in the same two sizes.

iPhone 14,Design

The iPhone 14 are touted to have a 49% boost in low light performance thanks to a new 12MP main camera and a bigger sensor than its predecessor. In addition to having a quicker lens and autofocus for the first time, the front camera is also 12MP and performs better in low light.


iPhone 14 display

The Super Retina XDR OLED display on Apple's iPhone 14 and larger iPhone 14 Plus has a peak HDR brightness of 1200 nits. For increased durability, the front glass has Ceramic Shield.

Permanent Retina display. Get everything in. Complete everything. Even when your wrist is down, the intricate watch faces look great and are easy to see thanks to the Always-On screen's brightness.

One most interesting reportedly feature the satellite connectivity. Without a mobile signal, you can call for emergency assistance with Emergency SOS with Satellite, which could be a lifesaver for folks living in extremely remote places

Satellite Connectivity

Apple series 8 watch

Smooth and ethereal. the limit of design The Series 8 Apple Watch has a sizable, dazzling Always-On display. The screen is pushed right up to the edge by narrow boundaries, creating a beautiful fusion with the case's curve.

The series 8 Apple Watch features temperature sensors for more thorough health insights for women. 1 Crash Detection to summon assistance in a crisis.

Apple watch

2 stages of sleep to help you better understand your sleep. and new techniques for exercising using the upgraded Workout app. Health has never looked so bright in the future.

Video gets an upgrade too with an advanced stabilisation mode called Action mode, which can be toggled on for to make video smoother when you're moving.