What is Cybercrime?

What is cyber crime and types

Cybercrime is the term used to describe criminal acts or offenses committed in a digital setting. In such offenses, either the machine itself or the criminal uses a computer as a tool. Cyber crimes might be committed against a person or an organization. an individual, a group, an organization, or even a nation, to cause physical harm, either directly or through financial loss, injury, or psychological harassment. virtual Criminals assault computers or networks to access other computers to disrupt or corrupt data or services. Besides this, a cybercriminal could disseminate viruses and collect private and confidential information, using other malware data to be used for extortion and blackmail. Computer viruses are a few words.

What is hacking in cyber crime?

Unauthorized access to a computer, computer network, or other digital system is known as hacking. Hackers frequently have hardware and software technological competence. They search for bugs that they can use to access the system. When done with good intentions, hacking is referred to as reputable hacking These moral hackers are referred to as reputable hackers. They are experts in exploration. any flaw discovered during the testing of the software. As a result, they assist in enhancing the security of a program. A website could be used by an ethical hacker to find any security gaps or weak points. He then informs the website’s owner of his findings. Thus, In reality, ethical hacking shields the owner from any online assault. The person is a non-ethical hacker.

is Phishing a cyber crime?

Phishing is an illegal activity in which individuals are exposed to fraudulent websites or emails that appear to be original or authentic. the user to wrongfully gather private and sensitive information details, especially usernames, passwords, banking information credit card information, etc. One of the most popular phishing uses email spoofing, in which a bogus user assumes the email address is a fake and a reliable source must have provided it. as a result, you could receive an email from what appears to be your bank’s address If you look closely, you can see their URL address while a company or educational institution is requesting your information. is false They frequently employ the original logos, creating them challenging to distinguish from the real! attempts at phishing either through phone calls or text messages.

What are the social effects of cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying happens when someone uses the internet, a cell phone, email, instant messaging, chat rooms, or social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to harass, demean, embarrass, or intimidate someone else. It is frequently a crime committed by teenagers as well, given their expanding access to electronic communication makes it possible to make fun of or victimize others. The issues spread quickly as the bully can hide behind anonymity while encouraging the victim.

What happens in cyberstalking?

This is a form of internet harassment when the victim receives a constant stream of emails and messages. These stalkers typically know their target, therefore they use the internet to track them instead of engaging in real stalking. To stalk their victim covertly, cyberstalks rely on the anonymity that the internet provides.

Cyberstalkers frequently carry out the following actions to torment their targets:

They gather all personal information about the targets, such as name, family history, telephone numbers of residence and workplace, daily activities of the target, address of residence and workplace, date of birth, etc.

This information may be posted by the stalker under the guise of the victim on any pornographic, indecent, or unlawful website.

Whats is Scams?

Scams are any unethical commercial practices that steal money from gullible, uninformed consumers. The Internet has recently become a major source of fraud. Online scams are scams carried out through the use of the Internet. Below is an example of an online scam.

This is an example of a typical cyber scam that could target unwary clients.

Steps to take to prevent online scams:-

The following are crucial considerations to bear in mind when using the Internet to prevent scams.

  • Never enter any sensitive information, including banking details or credit/debit card numbers, on insecure websites, which are those that do not use HTTPS and do not display a padlock.
  • Never respond to emails that come from unidentified or suspect sources. Even if you know the sender, you should never click on any links you get in emails. Rather than opening the link in the email, start a browser window and type the URL yourself.
  • Never reply to emails or advertisements that say you have won anything.

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